Committee Appointment

The Officers of the Residents’ Association form the Management Committee. These Officers retire each Annual General Meeting but may offer themselves for re-election together with any of the paid-up members who wish to stand for office. Nominations for any of these positions must be given to the Honorary Secretary two weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting supported by at least two paid-up members. The vote will be taken and counted at the AGM, those with the majority of votes being duly elected. In the event of a tie, the tie-ing candidates will draw lots.


Officers of the Association

  CHAIRMAN Bryan Simpson Tel: 07736 508054
  SECRETARY Hilary Marshall Tel: 797 9544
  TREASURER Tony Lord Tel: 761 3382
  MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY Jean Foster Tel: 07939 645038
  BRABULL EDITOR Bruce Millar Tel: 797 9718
  SOCIAL MEDIA EDITOR Rachel Earing Tel: 07495 020972
  ADMINISTRATION ASSISTANT Jeremy Chew Tel: 07742 056055
  COMMITTEE MEMBER Philip Jones Tel: 761 3134