Our History and Some Achievements 

At the end of 1972 a petition was organised by some local residents against a developer’s plans to build a public house at the top of Hunstanton Drive. At this time, Brandlesholme’s population was escalating with three major housing developments. Three Schools were built to cater for primary age children but there was a lack of facilities such as a medical centre, play areas and more shops that were more necessary than another pub.

Recognising that ‘something must be done’, the inaugural meeting of Brandlesholme Residents’ Association took place on 11th June 1973. Its aims were ‘to maintain and improve where possible the environment of the Brandlesholme area and to ensure that amenities and services are provided and properly maintained.’ 

Regular features on the agenda included - and still do - road safety, play areas for all age groups, environmental concerns, etc. Thanks to the efforts of active, persistent and undaunted members over the years, successes in evidence today include safe crossing places, play areas with suitable equipment, a regular issue of BRABULL (since 1976) and the Equipment Loan Scheme (from 1979). Members’ meetings and public open forums have been useful to keep a finger on the pulse and since 1999 the Association has contributed to the wider scheme through the Bury West Local Area Partnership.

Among the issues for which the Association has raised its community voice and influence with some success are: 

  • The building of the Children’s Playground and the “Ball Zone” in Brandleshome Road Park 
  • The opening of the Public Library at the Brandlesholme Community Room
  • The erection of the Community Notice Board
  • The provision of the Brandleshome Road crossing outside Woodbank County Primary School
  • The installation of additional “Dog Litter” bins
  • The fostering of cooperation with the Police reducing youth nuisance problems within Brandlesholme and its Shopping Precinct
  • The lobbying of and liaison with the MP and local Councillors to eliminate the nuisance caused through fireworks sales and misuse. 
  • The ability of the Residents’ Association to act as a vehicle to obtain funding for projects to benefit the local community — the latest being the Troll Trail installed at the Burrs Country Park.

The Association has also supported members’ initiatives over the years - some still active include the Playaway Club for mothers and toddlers founded in 1975 and the Brandlesholme Warriors Junior Football Club in 1978. With over 1100 members now, the Association appears to be a thriving organisation ready and able to swing into action when anything likely to affect our original aims appears - telecommunications masts, anti-social behaviour, motel/ office plans for the Kirklees Valley.

... And the fate of the 1972 Hunstanton Drive site? The public house plans were dropped as were those for a supermarket with 40 car spaces — and a play area with pitches never got off the architects drawing board BUT land was allocated for self-build houses and Woodbank surgery got the go-ahead in 1982!

Our thanks to Pat Long, founder-member of the Association for most of this review.